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Corns & calluses

A callus is a toughened area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard due to repeated pressure, friction, or other irritation. A corn can occur on any weight bearing surface or on an area that is suffering from pressure or friction.

  • We can assess callus and corn formations

  • We can recommend a course of action for corns and calluses

  • Corns and calluses can be safely removed to prevent further discomfort

As professional podiatrists, we can help you with corns and calluses.

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Dry, cracked heels

Dry cracked heels, also know as heel fissures, can be painful and unsightly. They are often caused by splitting or cracking of the skin

  • Cracked heels are generally caused by the drying out of feet

  • Standing for long hours can worsen cracked heels

  • Fungal infection can also contribute to cracked heels

We can help you with cracked heels by removing the dead skin and treating any underlying causes, as well as giving you information and advice to prevent recurrence.

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Thick, discoloured or painful toe-nails

Discolouration of the toenails is a common problem. Once the cause is found, we can offer treatment to restore normal colour to the nail.

  • Injury may cause toe nail discolouration causing white spots to form

  • Some medical conditions may can lead to abnormalities of the nails

  • Fungal infections can also be a cause of discolouration

We can help you with broken, discoloured or thick toe nails by giving you appropriate treatment, as well as giving you information and advice to prevent recurrence.

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Bunions and other toe deformities

Toe bunions and other deformities can be severe and cause you pain.

  • Bunions tend to get worse over time

  • Painkillers can provide short term comfort for bunions

  • Bunion pads (or a change of footwear) can also be used to ease pain

We can recommend treatments that will alleviate the symptoms associated with bunions and refer for podiatric surgery, if necessary.

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Verrucae are caused by a virus. They can be spread to other people by contaminated objects or surfaces, or through close skin contact.

  • A verruca is like a wart on your foot

  • They have black dots under the skin

  • They can be painful – some people liken it to standing on a needle

We can offer a variety of proven treatments for verrucae.

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Fungal infections

Fungal infections of the feet are very common. Tinea pedis or Athlete’s foot can cause burning, peeling, redness, itching and sores.

  • Athlete’s foot occurs most in summer months

  • It is caused by four types of fungus

  • Interdigital is the most common type of athlete’s foot, usually between the two smallest toes

We can help diagnose athlete’s foot and treat it.

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Aches and pains including heel pain

Heel pain is a very common foot condition  and often causes intense pain.

  • Heel pain can be worst first thing in the morning or when moving after inactivity

  • Most cases of heel pain are caused when tissue in the foot (the plantar fascia) becomes damaged and thickens

  • Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, accounting for around 80% of problems

There are a number of treatments that can help relieve heel pain and speed up your recovery – contact us for more information.

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Ball of foot and arch pain

Identifying pain in the ball of your foot and arches can be difficult but we can help you

  • There are many reasons for developing painful feet

  • We will carry out a full assessment to determine the cause and decide on an appropriate treatment programme

  • This may involve the prescription of insoles or orthotics (supports)

We can help treat arch and ball of foot pains quickly.

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We also offer biomechanical examinations for both adults and children and can prescribe insoles and orthotics where appropriate.


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